Avoid These 7 Cancer-Causing Foods

Nowadays, almost everything is being linked to causing cancer. It has become tough to determine what is good to eat and what could possibly bring cancer to you. So what are the foods likely to cause cancer?

7 – Hydrogenated oils

These are the oils used in food preservation. Hydrogenated oils keep processed foods for long without going bad. They, however, are not fit for human consumption. That is because they alter the layout and flexibility of cells in the body which may bring about unwanted diseases like cancer.

Some of the manufacturers are aware of this danger and have started applying palm oil and other alternatives to hydrogenated oils to preserve processed foods.

Ever wondered why your favourite margarine lasts for ages without getting spoilt? Well, that has a lot to do with hydrogenated oils. Foremost, let’s explore the nitty-gritty of this kind of fat.

What Are Hydrogenated Oils?

Natural oil is extracted from edible vegetables such as sunflowers, soybeans, and olives. At room temperature, it is typically liquid. Since manufacturers want the vegetable oil to have a longer shelf life, they add hydrogen to it. The hydrogen molecules are responsible for the oil’s stability and change of texture too. It turns to stable oil. Additionally, hydrogenation processing breeds a new type of unsaturated oil called trans-fat, which is found in almost every other food. Unsurprisingly, trans-fat poses a considerable health hazard to your body upon intake.

Are There Any Side Effects of Hydrogenated Oils?

Let’s face it. Hydrogenated oils are still found in a variety of the foods that we purchase daily. What’s more, nutritionists and dieticians have consistently warned against the intake of hydrogenated oils, arguing that they pose a significant health threat. Such side effects include.

May impede blood sugar control

Scientists say that trans-fat- which is a by product of hydrogenation- can potentially make the body vulnerable to type-2 diabetes. It is also suggested that if you take too much trans-fat, your body will tend to resist the use of insulin, a vital hormone that regulates blood sugar. However, more research ought to be done to cement these claims.

May increase inflammation

Studies show that persistent intake of hydrogenated oils can lead to pronounced inflammation in your body. Usually, inflammation can occur to protect your body against infection, but if you consume trans-fat, inflammation will only increase.

May impair your cholesterol levels

There are two main types of cholesterol in your body:
• High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL)- This type of ‘good’ cholesterol picks up excess cholesterol and takes it back to the liver.
• Low-Density Lipoprotein (LPD)- This type of ‘bad’ cholesterol can accumulate around your artery walls, making them narrow.

Trans fats will increase your LPD cholesterol and lower your HDL cholesterol, a situation that may lead to artery rupture, blood clots, or heart diseases.

May lead to colorectal cancer

Studies show that a high intake of hydrogenated oils can lead to infection of colorectal cancer amongst white people. Despite the likelihood of one human race contacting the disease more than the other, it’s still evident that you are more susceptible to colorectal cancer if you continue munching hydrogenated oils!

Hydrogenated fats in your food

Some of the foods that are likely to contain various levels of trans fats are:
• Microwave popcorn
• Baked products
• Stick margarine
• Packaged Snacks
• Frozen Pizza
• Refrigerated dough, such as biscuits
• Non-dairy coffee creamer
• Potato Chips

How to Avoid Hydrogenated Oils ?

Scan package labels carefully

Checking the labels on food containers can help you assess the level of trans fats in them. In the US, foods that are free from trans fats should have a 0gramms reading on their labels. If the label indicates otherwise, avoid the food at all costs, even if it is less than 0.5gramms.

Use vegetable oils for cooking

Plant oils are an excellent option for food because they contain zero trans-fats. You can use natural oils tapped from avocado and safflower. A recent study showed that the intake of safflower oil reduces inflammation effects and may raise blood glucose levels.

Keep away from packaged foods

Trans fats are likely to be found in packaged goods due to the mere need for preservation. Therefore, it is wise to accustom your body to reduce its dependence on refrigerated sweet foods. For example, instead of depending on seasoned potatoes or rice, why don’t you cook your own from scratch?

The use of hydrogenated oils in food manufacturing is still prevalent. Go through the Next Pages to identify the various foods likely to contain harmful components and how you can avoid them.

6 – Processed meats

Processed meat products are likely to cause cancer. These may include foods like sausage, bacon, hot dogs and even lunch meats. Such foods have chemical preservatives that are meant to make them appear fresh and appealing to the eye.

These preservatives could cause cancer if ingested into the human body. Mostly, sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite are used to preserve such foods, and they are associated with different forms of cancer, including colon cancer. So when going for these meat products, you must select the uncured ones that do not contain nitrates.


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