Doctors share the biggest 11 lies they’ve heard from patients

Doctors play an essential role in society of treating patients with life-threatening diseases. The treatments must work out when the patients are speaking the truth. But what about when they are lying. This might seem strange, and it is. It gets worse when you read the stories of these patients lying to doctors.

11 – There was no baby

A woman visited the hospital claiming that a doctor had diagnosed an ectopic pregnancy and provided her with medicines to terminate it. She wanted the hospital to assist her because she was experiencing severe abdominal pain, and she lay on the floor crying.

There was no baby

Doctors at the hospital prescribed pain relievers to ease the abdominal pain before performing additional tests. The tests showed that she did not have any pregnancy. The tests the former hospital had performed were also negative. The woman faked the pain intending to get narcotics. She had not conceived at any one time.

10 – The man who couldn’t walk

An emergency medical technician was collecting a patient to take him over to see a physician. He asked the patient if he could walk to determine if it was necessary to assist him or not.

couldn’t walk

The patient’s wife stated that the man had not walked for the last 30 years. She had not completed her sentence when the man stood up and walked to the stretcher without help.

The EMT exclaimed that this was a miracle, expecting that they would tell him it was not the case. However, the couple did not tell him off.

9 – The hearing test pretender

A man in his mid-20s visited a hospital to have his ears checked. Even though it was unusual that we wanted a hearing test, he justified his decision by saying that his neighbours complained about the loud music he played. His ears did not have any physical problems.

Hearing Test

However, the results of the sound test showed that he was deaf to the point of needing to use sign language to communicate. When the doctor asked him a question, he responded to it quickly. The man lied that he has a hearing problem to justify playing loud music.

8 – All shook up and nowhere to go

Police officers pulled over a motorist for driving while intoxicated. The motorist appeared to have a seizure, so the cops called emergency medical services. The patient was still having seizures when the ambulance arrived. The police climbed into the ambulance with the man.

The emergency medical technicians lifted the patient’s arm and asked him to stop seizing so they could use intravenous therapy. The patient stopped seizing immediately. After they finished, he started seizing once more.

7 – One woman’s arm didn’t work

A woman went to see a doctor stating that she experienced seizures that affected her ability to mover her arm. The doctor tested her arm by pushing it and stimulating a physical reaction.

The patients’ response was to tense her arm and resist the doctor’s tests. She tried to force her arm to stay in place because she supposedly could not move it. The doctor found it hard not to laugh and discharged her.

6 – Trying to stay another day

Most patients want to leave the hospital as soon as possible, but her case was different. She tried to come up with reasons to extend her stay in the hospital. She had had an operation, and her health had improved a great deal. She could attain full recovery from home. However, the lady resisted leaving the hospital.

Her doctor was forced to explain that her health insurance would not provide coverage for the additional days she was to remain in the hospital after being discharged. The lady lied that her insurance agent had visited and requested her to stay another day, but this was not the case.

5 – Using panic attacks for medication

A lady came in requesting the doctor to prescribe Ativan. Although Ativan is a controlled medication, the woman wanted to use it to control panic attacks and anxiety. She claimed that the panic attacks were so serious such that she had caused auto accidents, which led to several casualties.

The trainee doctor who was attending her sought a second opinion from a doctor, only to find out that the lady had used the same lies before to get the Ativan. She had managed to get prescriptions for many controlled medications by lying about experiencing panic attacks.

4 – Tonic water to prevent pesky mosquitoes

A particular doctor had an eight-year-old boy come into the hospital with a specific request. He claimed that he had been bitten by a mosquito and had contracted malaria as a result. He wanted to miss a mathematics class with the excuse of taking quinine.

The young boy had read the book “the Little House on the Prairie,” which had information about malaria. The doctor instructed the boy’s mother to give him a glass of tonic water each morning before leaving home for school. The boy believed that tonic water contained a lot of quinine just like the doctor had said, and therefore, he was free from malaria.

3 – Caught in the act

A particular guy who used to enjoy sick days off by faking symptoms got caught by his doctor. For quite some time, he had been faking the symptoms and going away with it since no one noticed. Nevertheless, one day he visited a different doctor who was able to tell that he was faking the illness, and he was told to go back to work.

Coincidentally, the following day, the guy got sick with the flu he had been faking all through. He went back and found the same doctor who had told him to go back to work. The doctor asked for an apology, and the guy got away with it once more.

2 – Shaving out the lies

This lady came to the ER, and her head was completely shaved. She claimed that she had Leukemia. She insisted that she was in severe pain and that she needed treatment and assistance and that only strong painkillers could work for her.

There were no records to prove that this lady had ever suffered from this disease. The doctors decided to carry out some research to determine if what the woman was claiming was the truth. When the results were out, no abnormalities were detected. The lady was completely healthy. She was discharged after the police had been informed.

1 – Stolen identity

The ex-boss of a particular guy was arrested for committing a serious crime. He happened to see the police report containing details about the incident. The nurse who was in charge at the time explained that she saw the man cross the car park and get into the emergency room, appearing to experience severe pain.

He said that gallstones were causing the pain and requested for controlled medications to manage it. The nurse recalled that this man had complained about the same issue many times in the past. He was using the identity of his employee to get controlled medications and is now facing criminal charges.

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