11 Bad foods to Avoid for people over 50

With age comes a change in the taste of music, wardrobe, and above all, a dietary change. At fifty, the metabolism of a human being declines, and this makes it vital to be selective in terms of what we consume. Here is a list of some X foods for anyone above the age of fifty.


Generally, butter isn’t good for your health no matter the age. It is, however, more imperative to cut it off as you grow. Reducing your cheese and whole milk consumption will go a long way in cutting your cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of contracting heart disease. Butter, if consumed in small quantities, isn’t too toxic, but this can be replaced with some other healthier fats such as nuts and olive oil.


This is one of the foods you should cut off from your diet, whether its sprinkled with some bacon or cut down to form fries. Potatoes are too much starchy; thus, that’s why they are highly ranked in the glycemic index, just next to pretzels and rice cakes. When extras are added into potatoes, they enlarge your waistline and increase your insulin levels. Yes, potatoes contain vitamins, but if you must consume them, eat them bare.


At fifty, you should cut off bacon from your diet. Those bacon strips are stuffed with salts and fats, and they expose you to risks of getting a stroke or even heart disease, especially at old age. It has what your body doesn’t need at this age you don’t want fat, as you are not active to burn them down to energy. The fat will deposit in the sensitive body parts making it less intense.

Dinner rolls.

To most people, a meal is not complete without bread. What most people don’t realize is that the more rolls you ingest into your stomach, the more your waistline broadens, especially for those with fifty years and above. Too much carbohydrate intake will spike your blood pressure then crash it abruptly, leaving you starved even after taking a large meal.


Many people get surprised as to how a delicious vegetable like dills can cause harm to their bodies. A pickle contains more than a thousand milligrams of sodium. Pickles are salt-filled, and this can increase the blood pressure of a person when taken frequently and in large quantities.

Breakfast pastries.

The first step in aging gracefully is reducing the levels of sugary foods consumed. Taking foods that have high sugar levels can affect your blood sugar levels, and this will, in turn, result in your craving for unhealthier foods for the better part of the day. 

Excess wine.

A little wine is good for digestion, but too much consumption could pose a considerable risk to one’s health. Multiple glasses of wine taken within a short period inundate your body organs. Your sleeping patterns can also be affected mainly by excessive wine consumption, especially for older men and women, leaving you to toss and turn in bed for hours just because you had one more glass.

Steam bag frozen vegetables.

For an easy vegetable fix in one’s diet, most people prefer preparing a steam bag frozen vegetable meal. It might be quick to fix, but it is not as healthy as most people think. Pre-packed foods, more often than not, contain additives such as salt, sauce, and cream that diminish their health benefits. However, if you want to consume frozen foods and still be healthy, be sure to check the contents of these frozen dishes before making a purchase.


No one can get enough of the sweet taste of pizza even at old age. Pizza contains salty toppings, cheese as well as flour, which are the unhealthiest, consumable food items on the planet. These products stretch a person’s waistline within days, and if not well managed, this can lead to obesity. If you want to keep your waistline and health in check without generally having to give up a pie slice, opt for a pizza with less cheese, loads of vegetable toppings and a thin crust.


Many fruits have a lot of sugar in them, and cherries are in this group. As you get into your fifties, it’s essential to eliminate them in your diet. Irrespective of their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, its sugar levels are too way high. Consumption of too many cherries can also cause nausea, bloating, and stomach upset. You can have your cherries once in a while but try as much as possible not to go overboard.

Soft drinks, eg soda.

Getting rid of a soda habit can be stressing. It is, however vital to one’s health as they get older. Excessive consumption of soda can shoot up your blood sugar levels, thereby giving you an insulin surge, and this promotes inflammation. No matter the age, drinks should be avoided at all costs.

The above foods will make you age faster. The body always responds to how you treat it. To avoid some of the complications, then you will need to eat healthy meals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Focusing on whole foods is the way to go if you want to maintain a healthy body in old age. Always make sure that the foods you consume do not contain excess fats, salts, or even sugar, and by so doing, you’ll age like fine wine!